"Hand-Up" is the name for Bridgeway's Compassionate/Love Ministry
This local emphasis is an extension of our concern, love, and passion for the families and people of Carteret County. This ministry meets people where they are an offers grace, healing, hope and love in the middle of life circumstances and situations that are complicated, difficult, and seemingly hopeless. How do is this done? What means and methods have we adopted and put into place? Those are great questions. Let us explore some of the real ways this is accomplished:
  • Together with Jeremiah 33:3 / Ezra Women's Ministries / DownEast Community Thrift Store / Women's Counseling Ministry, we work towards the vision of seeing women come to faith and restore their lives on an onging basis, starting in 2016. Bridgeway is anchored in this ministry offering facilities, personnel, and support.
  • We offer pastoral and life assistance counseling services for premarital, marriage, conflict resolution, and spiritual direction and guidance that occurs throughout the calendar year.
  • We are partnered with Jarrett Bay Boatworks and provide chaplaincy services to them, once a week, for both counseling and devotional purposes. this started in 2009 and has continued for 9 years.
  • We serve and work with the Boosters at East Carteret High School and supply many Bridgeway partners for work during home football games for their varsity football season. We just completed 10 years of this work and witness.
  • Each year, we distribute 50+ Thanksgiving Blessing Boxes to Martha's Mission in Morehead City to pass on the blessing of Thanksgiving to others who need hope and love in the most desperate way.
  • In December 2017, we prepared and distributed Christmas Meal Boxes to elderly shut-ins, people in need, and emergency service personnel right here in Beaufort. Additionally, financing and monies were given to assist people with needs.
  • Through our Compassionate Love Fund, we have: Assisted people and families with Utility Assistance; Rental and Insurance Payments; and purchases for items such as clothing, food, and fuel.
  • A Financial/Budgeting Class was started in 2015 that teaches sound applications, budgeting concepts, saving opportunities, and expense cutting behaviors. These classes have a 6-week duration and we encourage everyone to register it, even to refresh skills.
  • Service Projects and Helping Others is our passion. At any given time, we are engaged and involved in 2 or 3 projects aimed at "getting out of the building" and "serving God while serving others."
  • Bridgeway Church is a part of the Beaufort Association of Churches that work together for the benefit of this community, county, and the precious souls who live here.
It's about our heartbeat and belief...